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Maple Town - My Favorite Place To Be
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Japanese Merchandise

This is a blow-up beachball. They made these for alot of series airing in the 80s. circa 1986

A "obentou", which is a kinda like a lunchbox. It's metal, has two sections, and a part to hold your chopsticks.

The "Flower Garden Set". Released in Japan only. Figures weren't included.

The script for episode #9 "Hiroin wa Watashi!" ("I am a Heroine!). It's made of rough but durable paper, and full of lines and notes from the episode.

A camera. It's a plain old normal camera, it just happens to have Patty on it.

Telephone card set. Came with the telephone card ("Teleka") and mini poster seen behind it.

"Patty no O-Uchi" ("Patty's House") Same product as the American version.

The poster for the Maple Town movie. Yes, there was a movie, two of them in fact. Roughly, it seems to involve Bobby, and Diana (Fanny) riding on a hot air balloon and chasing after Gureteru (Wilde Wolf)

Here's a cute Jigsaw puzzle. There were at least 2 more in the set.

PVCs of Patty's Family. They are made of rubbery plastic, but the paint tends to rub off very easily. There were PVCs for darn near everyone.

Here's a cute lil leather bag with characters printed on it.