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Maple Town was originally produced and aired in Japan under the title translated "Maple Town Monogatari". The Japanese series started on January 19th, 1986 and ran through to January 11th, 1987, having produced 96 episodes. The final 44 episodes were subtitled "Palm Town Chapter" and ran in Japan through to 1990.

Tonka's Maple Town toy line together with it's Toei Animation counterpart, released the first 52 episodes of the Maple Town cartoon series to the United States for syndication in the Fall of 1987. Produced under the Saban license, the series continued running through to Spring of '93 on Nickelodeon. Janice Adams was cast to play the live action role of Mrs. Maple, who would introduce and conclude each episode's english moral lesson. The adventures that took place outside her window in the Maple Town world eventually took on a life of their own, as the live action role was deemed unnecessary as the series approached it's end. The music score was by Ham Saban and Shuki Levy and was combined to feature the words "Can't wait to get to Maple town, my favorite place to be... Maple Town and me!"

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Theme Song:

Can't wait to get to Maple Town
My favorite place to be
Maple Town and me
Living each day
We laugh and we play
My favorite place to be
Maple Town and me