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New! "Stuff I Like" AKA Kelly has compiled a fan DVD set with four disks for sale here on iOffer. The episodes are recorded from VHS tapes from the 1980s and all are complete and have commercials removed. They range in quality from what you will find if you purchase a VHS copy of Welcome to Maple Town new to an EP VHS recording from TV, complete with tracking and rolling problems. Only one episode (18-The Beaver Family Pool) is pretty much unwatchable due to complete tracking degradation on the original tape it was recorded from. She rates the audio and video quality between 8 and 9, but I would give it a much broader range of 2-8. Still, it's the first and currently only way to get English versions of some of the great classic episodes like "The Witch's Castle" and "A Long Forgotten Dream"!

Maple Town on DVD

In 1988 Family Home Entertainment (F.H.E.) released six Maple Town videos. With the exception of the first video, each tape contained two episodes. For detailed episode descriptions, see the Adventures page.

Welcome To Maple Town

"Feature-length animated fun as Patty Rabbit, Bobby Bear, Fanny Fox, Mr. Mouse and Wilde Wolf share the magic of the place where everyone wants to be!" Includes the following episodes:
Welcome To Maple Town - The Rabbit Family moves into Maple Town and tangles with Wilde Wolf.
The Stolen Necklace - Patty and Bobby track down Wilde to recover Fanny's necklace.
The Pot That Wouldn't Hold Water - Wilde steals from forgetful Mr. Mouse's repair shop.
The Greatest Gift Of All - Mikey Mole and Wilde have the town digging for burried treasure.

1987/COLOR/86 MIN.
This video can actually still be found new and sealed on Amazon and Ebay.

The Prettiest Dress In Maple Town

"Suzie Squirrel learns a valuable lesson from her dad when she 'borrows' an elegant gown." Includes the following episodes:
The Prettiest Dress In Maple Town - Wilde steals Fanny's new dress with Suzie inside.
The Children's Forest Patrol - Betty Badger wants to be a Forest Ranger like her brothers.

1987/COLOR/45 MIN.

A Baby Comes To Maple Town

"The animals stage a gala celebration for the town's brand-new arrival." Includes the following episodes:
A Baby Comes To Maple Town - Roxie Raccoon welcomes a new sibling.
When Children Must Be Grown-Ups - Kirby Cat runs wild while all the grown-ups are gone.

1987/COLOR/45 MIN.

The Case Of The Missing Candy

"The kids are out to catch a sweet-tooth thief." Includes the following episodes:
The Case Of The Missing Candy - Bobby and the girls run away to a deserted island after Bobby is falsely accused of stealing candy.
Teacher, Please Don't Go - Miss Deer's grandmother wants to take her grandaughter away from Maple Town.

1987/COLOR/51 MIN.

Medicine From Maple Mountain

"The town's kids sneak out in the night to get medicine for Bobby Bear." Includes the following episodes:
Medicine From Maple Mountain
Ransom Of Maple Forest

1987/COLOR/45 MIN.

The House Made Of Love

"Kevin Cat fulfills a childhood promise to his wife, and builds her a house made of candy and gingerbread." Includes the following episodes:
The House Made Of Love - Kevin convinces Cathy not to give up her dreams.
A Most Unlikely Heroine - Penny Pig and Danny Dog star in a play by the Sheriff.

1987/COLOR/45 MIN.