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Maple Town is just full of stories, adventures and memories! Visit the Post Office to mail us your memory!

Welcome To Maple Town

Patty Rabbit couldn’t wait to get to her family’s new home in Maple Town. She squirmed and hopped about impatiently as the Forest Train made the long trek to Maple Town. Suddenly, the train came to a stop and Wilde Wolf “the terrible” appeared and began robbing the passengers. When Patty refused to give Wilde Wolf her candy, Wilde discovered Papa Rabbit’s mailbag. Thinking that it was full of money, he abandoned his stash of stolen goods and ran off with the bag.

Meanwhile, Mayor Dandy Lion was practicing his speech to welcome the town’s new Postmaster, Mr. Rabbit. He was interrupted, however, by Sheriff Barney Bulldog and the nosey Mrs. Fox. Master Monkey, the Train Conductor had just come to get the Sheriff. The train was being robbed. When the group arrives at the train, Papa Rabbit, feeling responsible for the mail, goes along with Sheriff Bulldog and Mrs. Fox to track down Wilde Wolf. Back at the train, Mayor Lion, who was left behind to protect the train passengers, noticed that Patty was gone.

Patty Rabbit felt responsible for Wilde stealing the mailbag because she had refused to just give him her candy, so she decided to follow the thief. As Patty trekked through the scary woods alone, Wilde Wolf looked for a quiet spot to open the bag. He noticed, though, that a barrel seemed to keep appearing wherever he went. And, as he opened the bag to discover only letters, Bobby Bear popped out of the barrel to laugh at the poor criminal’s disappointment. So, following a short chase, Wilde Wolf ended up unconscious in the river. After collecting the mailbag, Bobby ran into Patty, who thought that Bobby was working with the wolf and demanded the bag back. Bobby tested her knowledge of the bag’s contents and then returned it to her after explaining that he stole it from Wilde Wolf and wasn’t working for him. Yet, at the mention of his name, our favorite villain appeared for some payback. So, Patty and Bobby quickly climbed up a tree, but Wilde followed only to be knocked out of the tree.

Just then Sheriff Bulldog and the others arrived. Patty explained to her worried father that she had to find the bag because she felt responsible for Wilde Wolf taking it. Unfortunately, Wilde Wolf was long gone, though he left a note behind. In the note, he promised never to rob a train again.

After their adventures, everyone returned to Maple Town. Patty and her sister Rachael loved their new home. Patty especially loved her room on the top floor. Outside, the town gathered together to welcome its new residents. Mayor Lion tried to finally make his long speech, but he quickly lost his audience. Patty returned to her room, where she looked out on the beautiful, quiet town. She really would love it here in Maple Town and her whole family knew why Maple Town is everyone’s favorite place to be!

The Prettiest Dress in Maple Town

Suzie Squirrel loves her father, the town's tailor. Unfortunately, Mr. Squirrel is busy making a new dress for Fanny Fox. Suzzie tries to get her father's attention by making him donuts and even by trying on the new dress. All of her attempts backfire, leaving Mr. Squirrel very angry and Suzzy very sad. Meanwhile, the sly Wilde Wolf is planning to steal the dress and the dress being on Suzie at the time doesn't stop him! As Wilde Wolf makes his getaway in the Fox's fancy car, Mr. Squirrel shows just how strong his love for his daughter really is by racing to her rescue. Naturally, Wilde not having the best of luck, the Squirrel family reunites safely. The dress torn in the exchange, Suzie makes a beautiful design to both cover the hole and make the dress truly the prettiest dress in Maple Town. Through it all, Suzie has learned that her father really does love her and that she doesn't need to be jealous. And, of course, why Maple Town is everyone's favorite place to be!

The Case of the Missing Candy

Mrs. Bear accuses Bobby Bear of stealing a box of candy from the Bear’s Store. He swears that it wasn’t him, but his mother refuses to believe him. So, Bobby decides to run away to the deserted island I the middle of Maple Lake. Patty Rabbit, Fanny Fox, Suzie Squirrel and Penny Pig join Bobby and they all decide to have a picnic while playing pirates on the island. Mysteriously, their food begins disappearing. The group investigates and discovers an abandoned house. Once Bobby discovers that Wilde Wolf is on the island and in the house, he becomes convinced that Wilde stole both the food and the missing candy. Wilde swears that it wasn’t him, but then the group is scared by what looks like a ghost flying in through the window. The parents, including Bobby’s mother, show up just in time to discover that the missing candy and food were actually stolen by a mother bird trying to gather food to feed her babies. So, everyone learns a valuable lesson about accusing people without proof. In this case, even Wilde Wolf was innocent.

Teacher, Please Don't Go!

Miss Deer receives a letter that upsets her greatly. Thinking that someone wants to force her to leave Maple Town, the town’s children race to the train station to face the culprit. To their surprise, an elderly Gtrandma Deer steps off the train. It turns out that Miss Deer had promised her overprotective grandmother that she would return after a year in Maple Town. Miss Deer doesn’t want to go, but Grandma Deer swears that she knows what is best for the little girl that she has raised from a sweet child. While the ridiculous thought of becoming the new teacher excites Wilde Wolf, the rest of the town gathers at the Mayor’s house to try to come up with a way to keep Miss Deer from leaving. The town’s children suggest that the town throw a party to show Grandma Deer why Miss Deer doesn’t want to leave Maple Town. Unfortunately, Wilde Wolf ruins their party and Grandma demands that they leave town immediately. Though, Miss Deer finally stands up to her grandmother and says that she is now an adult and is going to stay. That’s not what Wilde Wolf wanted to hear, so he steals Grandma Deer’s photo album and promises to not return it until Miss Deer is on a train out of town. The kids attempt to corner Wilde, but Miss Deer manages to scare him off. Afterwards, Grandma Deer finally understands that Miss Deer feels as protective of her students as she feels of her granddaughter. So, she lets Miss Deer stay while she leaves town, knowing why Maple Town is everyone’s favorite place to be.

Unknown Adventures

"As a child I saw an episode of Maple Town that impacted me in an unexpected way. Now it seems very silly, but back then it was very real to me. My family even talks about it to this day! In the episode, Patty and Bobby stumble upon an old abandoned mansion. They discover that the mansion is inhabited by a crazy old woman. They end up befriending her and she tells them her sad tale. She was the nanny of a little girl named Gwendolyn. One day Gwendolyn was kidnapped or something. Her family and all the others gave up and left the house, but the woman stayed, always hoping that Gwendolyn would one day return. Bobby and Patty are able to convince the woman to give up her vigil and join the world again. She leaves the house and heads out to make a life for herself. A very strange, poignant episode for a children's show, and I was a very imaginative, sensitive child, so I guess it makes sense that the memory of that episode is still with me."
--submitted via email by Betsi

"I remember watching this as a child, but non of my friends remembered this show. There is one episode in perticular that I remember. It's about the sister of Patty. She finds a special tree. The story of the tree is that there was a young couple that was in love. Someone told the girl that her love had died(but it wasn't true). She was so sad that she jumped in the lake. Her lover found out and wanted the jump after her to save her, but before touching the water he was turned into a tree.
Other memories I have are -the icescating contest between the bear and the fox(he sprained his ankle, but didn't want to tell his mother).
-a girl that had almost drowned and was afraid to swom, but Patty helped her over her fear
-Patty and her sister have an argument and Patty gets closed in by water at the beach.Eventually she's saved and trows her most beautiful shell away, wishing that she and her sister won't fight anymore."
--submitted via email by Hilke

"my favourite episode was the one with the dreamglass with the strange mr Puff (that was the dutch name at least)
I've searched my collection (we taped them when we were little) and I have about 42. not bad, you think
the one with the lovers and the tree was the yasmin festival, that was a good one to does anyone have the lyrics of the english version theme song? I only now the dutch.
well, bye"
--submitted via email by Van Damme Nathalie

"The best memory I have of Maple Town, is the episode where the Rabbit family (alone or with others, I can't remember exactly) was working on the land, like growing vegetables. It was very sunny and at one point Rachel Rabbit fainted and there came a doctor. I can't remember more unfortunatly, but perhaps this triggers off some memories by other people! I hope so, cuz it was the nicest episode. I really love this website and I hope others will help to keep Maple Town alive! And if anyone knows where I can find VSH's or DVD's that can be played on European players, please contact me."
--submitted via email by Leonie de Bock